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Opening the Weather Notifications page prompts the user to enter their zip code, or to take coordinates from GPS (if enabled). Notifications are then taken from the RSS feed based on your location. Clicking on a link from the notifications display launches the associated link in a new activity.

Weather Notifications

Weather notifications options

Weather Notifications

Weather rss feed


Supply Kit

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Supply Kit

The supply kit functions not only helps you keep track of what items you have and their expiration dates, but it will also suggest items for each emergency. Items can be added and edited by the user through easy to use prompts in the options menu. The kit can be filtered to only show items relating to each emergency. You can even search for stores that carry items you are looking for (requires Google Maps).

Supply Kit Display

Supply Kit

Supply Kit Filtered for Items Relating to Floods

Filtered Supply Kit

Item Options

supply kit item menu

Main screen

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Main Page

     The main screen allows users to launch directly into the emergency of choice. Or simply jump to the supply kit to manage emergency supplies. Local weather notifications can also be accessed by retrieving GPS coordinates (if enabled on your phone) or through manual entry of zip code.

Main Screen

Main screen

     Selecting a disaster opens the options menu for that disaster type. From here you can view tips, open the supply kit filtered for items relating to the disaster selected, or open the maps utility to find useful locations.

Disaster Options Page                              Disaster Info Page                          Disaster Map Options      

disaster page

Weather Map

Weather map